Jay Bohnsack, Township Supervisor, FOIA Officer

Telephone: (309) 738-0811

The Supervisor is the CEO of the township and chairs the board of trustees. This role also administers the general assistance, emergency assistance programs, and is treasurer.

Herb Schultz, Clerk

Telephone: (309) 236-2804

Custodian of township records except for active general assistance case records. Handles voter registration, keeps minutes of all meetings and posting legal announcements for the township.

Rusty Brown, Road Commissioner

Telephone: (309) 781-3443

The road commissioner is responsible for maintenance of all roads and bridges in the district that are not part of any other government road system.

Joyce Bohnsack, Trustee

Telephone: (309) 373-0152

Lavona Crawford

Telephone: (309) 798-2484

Chris Elliot, Trustee

Telephone (309) 269-6377

Todd Griffin, Trustee

Telephone (563) 529-9123

Trustees represent the public on the Township Board, audit accounts, monitor the performance of Andalusia Township, vote on contracts, personnel matters, and routine township business.

Stacie Young, Assessor

Telephone: (309) 631-7177

The assessor establishes values on all parcels of property within the township. The assessor does not levy taxes.

All terms are up in 2021

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